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GMG Racing GMG Porsche 997.1 Turbo Sport Headers

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The latest GMG Porsche 997.1 Turbo exhaust manifold system is handcrafted from the 304 stainless steel and features equal length tubing and large 3 into 1 merge collectors. The GMG system is designed to reduce exhaust back pressure and complements the 997 Turbo's capabilities with improved throttle response and an increase in power and torque output. Utilizing equal length tubing and large 3 into 1 merge collectors, smoother flow of exhaust gases is achieved.

To prevent premature cracking or warping, the GMG manifolds utilize laser cut flanges and turbo flanges are meticulously TIG welded. Proper welding technique is very critical for turbo headers due to the high stresses they see when in use. Thicker stainless tubing is used versus standard thin wall stainless to reduce heat and to direct more exhaust energy to the turbochargers. The GMG Porsche 997 Turbo exhaust manifold system is designed to work with the factory turbochargers as a bolt-on replacement.
Key Features:

- Large primary runner with a 3 into 1 collector
- Improve throttle response and reduce turbo lag
- Increase horsepower and torque output
- Smoother flow of exhaust gases into turbocharger
- Reduced temperature
- Laser cut flanges to ensure no warping
- Meticulously TIG welded for exceptional strength and durability
- Designed to work with factory turbochargers

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GMG Porsche 997.1 Turbo Sport Headers
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