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GMG Racing GMG Rear Bump Steer & Toe Kit

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The GMG bump & toe steer will give you the toe adjustment needed that is not available with stock links and minimize bump steer. This kit is highly recommended for vehicles that have been lowered with aftermarket lowering springs or a full coilover suspension kit.

In addition to adjusting toe, it will also allow you to correct bump steer. A car that bump-steers requires constant steering adjustment to maintain a steady trajectory over uneven surfaces. The result is an annoying steering wheel jerk whenever you go over any bumps in the road, and bump steer becomes more severe with lowered ride height.

The adjusting link has a left and right hand thread on each end. Rotating the link will increase or decrease the overall length of the arm. A precision Teflon lined spherical rod end replaces the compliant rubber factory bushing for improved suspension response and feedback, and also reduces toe changes during acceleration and deceleration. The result is improved stability and control.

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GMG Rear Bump Steer & Toe Kit
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